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Hickman's third novel, Flight Risk, is NOW AVAILABLE.  

Kindle Copies are only $2.99

Print copies are only $10.99 on Amazon or Createspace 

* * * 

Evelyn Ryan, scared of the aisle where her young spontaneity almost carried her, ran away from the only man she has ever loved to firmly set a more conventional course for her life. However, believing she could erase the past by ignoring it, she has trapped herself in lies.

During her first trip back to Nashville in nearly a decade, Evelyn discovers that her escape route has become the cage she had been avoiding. In the muted light of the honkytonks on Broadway, she is transformed into someone who is no longer content with her conservative, safe life.

When she is unexpectedly reunited with her old flame, country music artist Jaxon Lee, he helps her come to terms with the woman she once was—a woman full of passion for life and love.

* * * 

Semester of Thursdays is NOW Available

Semester of Thursdays, a second novel from author Jenny Hickman is NOW AVAILABLE digitally on and for only $2.99.

Semester of Thursdays follows two college-
aged women with opposing viewpoints on 
dating as they venture into the tedious
Thursday-nightlife in the college town of 
Frostburg, Maryland.
The Chick-lit novel is full of snarky humor 
that should appeal to a young, female
audience.  Although different from her first
book, Semester is enjoyable in it's own right
--especially when readers reach Book #2, 
written from the Hero's perspective.
To begin reading the novel for FREE, check
out chapters on the author's blog:



Warm Your Soul with a Love Story


Jenny Hickman's debut novel, The Mirrors at Barnard Hall, is now available digitally on AmazonSmashwords and Google Play .  You can also purchase this title IN PRINT via Createspace and Amazon.

The Mirrors at Barnard Hall is an epic love story about a young woman who must overcome impending death and transcend time in order to save the man she loves.  

The novel is laced with mystery and enchantment and will appeal to a wide variety of readers who enjoy traditional romance, historical fiction and a hint of the paranormal.   

To read the novel, in its entirety, check out Jenny's blog: Moving Foreword.  












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